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Maximizing Educational Wealth 

in the Black Church

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Maximizing Educational Wealth in the Black Church

Throughout history, inspired Christian leadership has been a central factor in sustaining Black communities. In service for the common good, Black churches have been at the heart of the quest for equality, justice, and the establishment of social structures that provide equal access and opportunity.

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Student Debt and Higher Education Cost

"Today, a child’s ZIP code, the color of his skin, the language he speaks at home, and the income of his family all weigh too heavily in the determination of that child’s future."

- John B. King, President, Education Trust

The Current State of Black Church Support for Education

A 2013 survey on Black Churches and Scholarships conducted by the group Black Economics (www.blackeconomics.org), reveals that there are many opportunities to expand support for student scholarships within our churches: 

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